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Missouri Playwright Hartley Wright 


Image Hartley WrightHaving spent a lifetime in theatre, at some point I became familiar with the adage, "once an actor, always a waitress." I have no idea who proclaimed it first, and researching the phrase won't identify any source. I am extroverted, optimistic, versatile and spontaneous. Friends have called me playful, high-spirited, and practical; I've been accused of being multi-talented, and I approach life with curiosity, optimism, and a sense of adventure with enthusiasm—about almost everything that catches my attention. Since this is true, I have engaged and pursued a multitude of projects, 'careers' and occupations. Fortunately, for you and me, crafting plays came about early and my passion for writing them seems to be the one thing that sticks. I suppose, for me, "once a writer, always something else" has been the modus operandi for creating new work which has been produced on stage and dramatic spaces for three decades and counting.   click here to learn more